Friday, January 18, 2013

A Discovery of ‘Mammut’ Proportions

Our Town,  a series of  six programs on local history,  sponsored jointly by Friends of the Farmington Library and the Farmington Heritage Alliance continues this Sunday, January 20, 2012  at 2:00pm with "A Discovery of ‘Mammut’ Proportions."

Hill-Stead Museum is known for its architecture, French Impressionist art, Poetry Festival, and Farmer’s Market; but not many know of the museum’s prehistoric connections of the “Mammut” kind.  Learn about the 1913 unearthing of an American Mastodon skeleton on the Pope estate, view reproduction photographs of the original find, and discover the differences between a mastodon and its distant cousin the Woolly Mammoth.  

The program will be presented by Hill-Stead Museum in the Community Room of the Main Farmington Library.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Farmington Secrets Revealed

To celebrate the addition of Sunday afternoon hours at the Main Library, January through March, 2013, 1:00pm to 4:00 pm, the Friends of the Farmington Library have created a series of programs, themed “Our Town”.

The first program, “Treasures: Library Books from 18th and 19th Century Farmington”, with Paul Kramer, will be held this Sunday, January 6.

Kramer explained “Lest we forget, every few decades it can prove helpful to remind ourselves of those tangible elements of Farmington’s ‘social fabric’ that underlie this unusually old, unique and noteworthy community.  While residents of Farmington leave their ‘mark’ and pass from our lives, many material elements of our Town’s fabric and culture – its churches, homes, schools, belongings, cemeteries and, importantly, its books have been lovingly preserved so they can inform and inspire the lives of future generations.  They serve as constant reminders of who brought us to the ‘dance’ and what kind of people and thinking placed us front and center among Connecticut’s colonial Towns.   This presentation is aimed at re-discovering very unique books, some over 300 years old, owned by both historic Farmington libraries and Town residents.  They have informed our Townspeople from the earliest of times and deserve our utmost respect”
Learn about our oldest books, dating back to 1702 – tangible treasures that are part of the fabric of our historic community and now in the Farmington Room collection of the library.  Many were owned by members of our most illustrious families; a few were inscribed by famous people.  In addition, there are beautifully-illustrated children’s books in the collection.

This program will be followed by a scavenger hunt in the library for items related to local history. 

This is the 1st in the "Our Town" series of six Sunday afternoon programs on various facets of local history, co-sponsored by the Friends of the Farmington Library and the Farmington Heritage Alliance.  For more info: 860-673-6791.