Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thank You!

It is with gratitude that the Friends of the Farmington Library thank the community for their generous support in their recent gift-giving of brand new books this holiday season. Giving Trees could be found in the Main Library and the Barney Branch from mid-November until December 19. An aggregate of 310 new books ranging in age from birth through high school age, were collected and distributed through Catholic Charities throughout the Hartford area. Lois M. Nesci, CEO, expressed her heartfelt thanks to the Friends for their continued effort and support in all they do.

The Friends of the Farmington Library are held in high esteem as each year they continue their outreach and effort on behalf of this charity chosen a number of years ago. Some parents of recipients now take an active role in sorting the books to be given. Thank you to all who have contributed in making this year’s collection of new books have a most positive result.

Mary-Jane Mastrobattista Chair
Carol Reider Co-Chair

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